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Lucy Pelletier is an artist and designer from Toronto, ON.

She is very happy to have you here and welcomes you to check out her Journal over here, her newest collection of work over here or her previous works page over here. She hopes that you find your visit here enjoyable, relaxing and fun.

Some things about Lucy:

-She studied art at NSCAD University, dropped out to study Horticulture and Garden design.

-She has worked as a server, a baker, a florist, a maid, a flight attendant, a barista, a tree slinger, a telemarketer, a gardener, a garden designer, a camp counsellor, an office administrator and a retail store merchandiser.

-Lucy loves and is mildly obsessed with interior design and she will likely try to talk to you about the importance of doors despite how little you may be interested.

-Some of Lucy’s other interests include: cute fun dresses, walking and looking at houses, shopping, 90s music, discussing hopes and dreams, sweaters and jeans, drinking hot festive beverages, and making very silly jokes.

We hope that this information was helpful. Again, Lucy is very happy to have you here. If you have any questions, please feel free to jump over here and leave Lucy a message.

Best wishes,